Hi. We're Andy and Liza. And we're currently waaaaay out of the office.

It's true. We quit our advertising jobs. We bought really tiny packs. And on February 22, 2016, we left behind our glamorous LA life of fake Aeron chairs, group brainstorm sessions, and free snacks. All for a chance to enrich our lives before we ruin them with children. Over the next year(ish) we'll be traveling the world and freelancing from the road/hostel common areas. We have no idea what we're doing. However, like most things, major life changes feel significantly less intimidating once you break them down into cute, infographic-y steps:

Meet, fall in love, break up a bunch of times, get M'd.

Quit your jobz.

Book two one-way tickets to paradise and freelance from the road.

This Is Where We Blog

The Deets

We know it sounds like we just read The 4-Hour Workweek (and one of us did... the other one just read the first 30 pages but totally got the gist). Anyway, here's some more background. 

Andy. Liza. Blah blah blah.
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See what we're taking (slash not taking) with us.
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A brief and probably inaccurate itinerary.
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Make American dollars, spend Thai Baht!
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Alternative Site Names

We're both writers, so it was really hard for us to pick a name for this site.