Andy Pearson

Height: 5' 6"
Speaks: Spanish, Portuguese
Super power: running ultramarathons, growing hair
Kryptonite: procrastination
Profession: copywriter/creative director
Dream job: wearing Andrew Zimmer's skin and hosting his own (creepy) 10th season of Bizarre Foods


Liza Behles

Height: 5' nothing"
Speaks: High school Spanish, Springsteen lyrics
Super powers: parallel parking, untangling necklaces
Kryptonite: gluten
Profession: copywriter/entrepreneur
Dream job: writing for a resurrected 8th season of UPN's hit show Blind Date

How We Got Here

We met at this thing called The Creative Circus which is a warehouse in Atlanta that's kind of like art school for capitalists. Our very first assignment in our very first class was to go to a strip club and observe. Good times. 



A few years later we moved to Boulder to work for a big ad agency with no windows. We worked a lot. One of us cried a lot. Someone took this photo:



Fast forward a few years. We move to LA. We get married. We see our friends settling down, staying at jobs and making babies. We Zillow every square inch of Santa Monica. We weep. We start to hatch a plan.  


Stuff We're Leaving Behind

Before all this, Andy worked as a creative director at an LA ad agency called Deutsch. He spent his non-work hours in the mountains training for ultramarathons and in the Whole Foods bread aisle buying carbs. He also launched a trail running team/brand called Pacific Mountain Runners, whose inaugural race he will miss.



Liza worked as a freelance copywriter in Los Angeles and New York, but usually from an actual desk in an actual office. She spent her non-work hours at the couch-desk in her apartment writing personal stuff and trying really hard to launch her wine label brand Delicate Estates before leaving the country. That didn't happen... but she's prepared to work on it from the road.