The Storm Before The Calm

by Andy

They say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. That’s bullshit. It begins with canceling your cable service and trying to get your tax paperwork sorted out.

Since the moment I quit my job at Deutsch, we’ve been working pretty much non-stop to prep for The Trip. Like, I basically pulled an all-nighter two nights ago

No joke, I’ve been to REI four times this week. It’s getting embarrassing. And you should see how many boxes of Ziploc bags are littered around our apartment. Also, this morning we got in a fight about a time zone app.

Yep. Putting your life on hold for a year might be more work than actual work was.

Here’s a rundown of all the things we didn’t realize we had to do:

  • Cancel all your subscriptions and autopay services
  • Figure out how to get a Vietnamese visa
  • Oh crap, and how does Indonesia work?
  • Find someone to sublet your apartment, then spend weeks negotiating rates
  • Download 500 apps
  • Make 5,000 Google Docs
  • Make 100 customer service calls
  • Listen to roughly 8 hours of hold music
  • Withdraw a ton of crisp $1 bills
  • Watch Deadpool (it’s important)
  • Go to a million going away dinners/drinks/coffees (not complaining here)
  • Build an elaborate and potentially unnecessary travel site/blog that only your parents want to read
  • Overthink the name of said travel site/blog to the point of exhaustion

In a lot of ways, it kind of feels like we’re planning our wedding all over again. (Sadly, this is cheaper).

It wasn’t until last night that we got to sit down and take a moment to enjoy it all. It’s honestly been one of the most stress-inducing weeks of my life. It’s made me feel like Howard Hughes. (Not fun millionaire mogul Howard Hughes, like creepy-pee-in-jars-and-leave-them-scattered-around-your-apartment Howard Hughes.) And there have been a few minor panic attacks where I heard a little voice ask, “Seriously, what are you doing?”

But then I think just a few hours into the future when we touch down in Auckland. We step outside and breathe that sweet, sweet Southern Hemisphere air for the first time. Maybe we see a little kiwi running around. There’s a pickup game of rugby off in the distance. Someone’s flushing a toilet in the opposite direction. We’ll look at each other and know that it was all worth it.

Crap. Did we put our mail on hold?

A las aventuras,
Andy + Liza